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SANTA ROSA BUREAU CULTURAL is an agency for the elaboration, strategic planning, raising and management of projects in the cultural area.


Founded by journalist and cultural producer Eleonora Santa Rosa, the Bureau acts as a catalyzer of ideas and implementer of singular initiatives, orchestrating a multiple grid of outstanding professionals and consultants in their action fields that can be mobilized according to necessity of each project or client.


The agency also develops the institutional restructuring processes and enablement of teams for companies, civil association organizations, institutes and artists. According to the nature of the initiative, partnerships and institutional agreements are executed to guarantee a broad fulfillment of all requests.


The Bureau´s work in the cultural scope and in the heritage preservation was formally acknowledged by many awards along the last years, which is a proof of its competence in the performance of initiatives that positively alter the cultural production scenery in Minas Gerais and in Brazil.


Seeking to expand its operations nationwide, the SANTA ROSA BUREAU CULTURAL develops projects in various spheres through its strand called ALEPH CULTURAL